Self Healing: Using Crystal Wands for Healing and Energy Alignment

"Imagine a simple but amazingly effective practice that fosters good health and creates a sense of well-being -- something that can be adapted to virtually any situation, any age...something in the service of love"

Healing Crystal Massage Wands How-to

That quote comes directly from Ewald Kliegel, author of the groundbreaking book Crystal Wands for Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and Energy Medicine (which you can find here). In this book, Ewald walks you through the history and practice of Massage therapy, and how the recent inclusion of Crystal Wands has revolutionized Energy Medicine. In this Blog, I will introduce you to the history and practice of Crystal Wand Massage and Energy Therapy in hopes to inspire you to begin your own healing journey with these amazing tools.

To understand Crystal Wand Therapy, one must first recognize the types of Energetic therapy and theory which came before. In fact, Massage and Energy therapies as they exist today are the products of millenniums-long development and progress stemming from Traditional Chinese medicine. It may be hard to believe, but even thousands of years ago Humans were applying Crystals to their bodies in the name of treating illness.
Charoite Crystal Wands
Traditional Chinese Medicine relied on correcting disrupted "qi" (or chi) flows in the body. Such disruptions in energy flow were believed to manifest in many ways, including poor circulation, migraines, low energy, lack of focus, and nebulous aches and pains. Traditional Healers would apply needles (known now as acupuncture) or smooth stones (known as Laying-on Crystals) to acupressure points on the skin to transmit healing energy into the body, restoring the unfettered flow of qi. 


Nowadays, we refer to this practice as Reflexology, which is the study of links between organs, energetic systems, and body parts with skin and muscular zones connected by nerve pathways. For example, a Reflexology zone exists near the top of the head which is linked to blood flow to the feet - the gentle massaging of this area with a Crystal Wand will increase circulation in the body, warming up cold feet. Gradually, Massage and Energy therapists like Ewald Kliegel and his colleague Michael Gienger (the author of the foundational book Crystal and Stone Massage, available here) began looking to improve the transmission of Crystal healing energy.
Crystal Stone Massage and Crystal Wand Massage Books
We learned from using Polished Tumbled stone that the transmission of energy into the body best occurs when using a rounded, smooth surface. The practice of Laying-on Stones takes advantage of the direct connection between a body and a smooth stone to create a strong link between them which energy can effectively be transferred. Crystal Spheres take this a step further by allowing the Crystal to be comfortably moved around the body while maintaining strong contact with the skin. Crystal Wands on the other hand, go above and beyond.

The common form of a Crystal Wand is a rounded, smooth rod with two different diameter ends. This asymmetry allows for two different intensities of contact between skin and the Crystal: The more concentrated the point, the more intensified the energy transfer will be. Some wands even converge to a sharp tip, maximizing the energy flow between Crystal and body. Additionally, the stylus shape is comfortable to hold and easy to grip.


Healing Crystal Massage Wands

The last thing to know about Crystal Wands is that different Crystal species have their own Electromagnetic signature -- known as their Resonance. You can think about Crystal Resonance as the vibrational level of the crystalline structure. Some Crystals vibrate high, such as Blue Apatite and Aventurine, and some vibrate at a lower energy, such as Aragonite or Dumortierite. Understanding your intention behind your Crystal Wand therapy will help you decide what type of Energetic Resonance you're looking for in your wand.

For those looking to practice Crystal Wand therapy, we suggest following these three basic steps:

First: Make clear your intention behind using the Wand -- will you be looking to stimulate blood flow to an injured area? Looking to reduce headaches? Or maybe even trying to decrease anxiety?

Second: With your intention clear in your mind, pick up and hold different Crystal Wands (if you don't have access to Crystal Wands, touching and feeling any other form of Crystal will do, such as tumbled stone). While holding the Crystal, recognize if the Resonance feels right to you. This typically manifests in the form of a warm feeling, slowed breathing and relaxed shoulder muscles.

Third: Find a relaxing space with your Crystal Wand, and gently massage the rounded end into the afflicted area (or into corresponding the Reflex Zone) moving the Wand clockwise in a circle. Regular and repeated applications of your Crystal Wand will ensure the effects are significant and long lasting!


Healing Crystal Massage Wand How-To

Note: We implore everyone to be particularly careful not to overexert pressure during these introductory massage sessions, and to do proper research when attempting to find Reflex zone which corresponds to their intention. Some ailments and energy misalignments are best addressed by a Professional.

And there you have it: A basic introduction to Crystal Wand Massage and Energy therapy. Hopefully this blog has given you plenty to consider when choosing your Crystal Wand -- and maybe has even enticed you to find out more! In the end, there is no wrong way to explore New Age healing techniques, so the best advice to give is to get out there and try it yourself!
Healing Crystal Massage Wands
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