Ganesh-New beginnings & remover of obstacles

You may have seen him before. Maybe you spied him in one of our Crystal Magic shops hanging out in a corner or by a door? He's big and uniquely funny looking. Sometimes he's dancing and sometimes he's just laying there lounging. Either way, he is most definitely looking LARGE and in charge. Well, he IS quite literally the elephant in the room! 
Still not sure who I am talking about? I'm referring to the popular, beloved, and great Hindu elephant god Ganesh. Ganesha is another correct way to spell his name, and he is sometimes called Ganapati. He is called by many other names, too, but these are the more common ones.
Whatever you choose to call him, you may want to call upon him or have a statue of him in your office or living space. His name means "Lord of the people" after all. 
He is the deity that can be called upon when starting big new ventures as he supports new beginnings. He is also known as a patron of wisdom, learning, travel, commerce, wealth, and writing. If you are embarking on any new ventures in one or more of these areas, then Ganesh is the god that's good to have by your side. He is said to keep obstacles off your path so one can move ahead freely and joyously. You may find asking for Ganesh's support is just what you need to help manifest all you desire.
Let's go more in-depth on his appearance, its symbolism, and how he could be the deity you need to help inspire your life goals. 
If you've seen some of the many statues or pictures of Lord Ganesh, you may have noticed some particular things about these images.
Firstly, as I mentioned before, he's a pretty big guy! You can recognize him by his four-armed human body, his big pot belly, and of course, that giant elephant head! He's always depicted this way but in some variation or another. 
Ganesh's giant elephant head is symbolic of the soul and wisdom. His human body represents earthly existence. His big pot belly is said to represent the ability to digest all of life, both good and bad. 
Sometimes you will see Ganesh with a mouse. The mouse is Ganesh's vehicle that he rides on to get around. The mouse is symbolic of being able to remain humble on the journey of life. It also a reminder of the ability to see the worthiness in all things big and small. 
There are times Ganesh is sitting on a lotus flower which is a symbol of spirituality. It represents the fulfillment of the soul, growing out of the mundane, to bloom into the light. Ganesh depicted this way represents the journey to wisdom or enlightenment.
In one of his hands, Ganesh holds a broken tusk. Some say that this was the tusk he used as a pen to write a sacred text or epic, and is why he is a patron of writers. It can also be viewed as the self-sacrifice and dedication that is needed to reach one's higher goals. 
On another hand, sometimes, Ganesh is holding a bowl of sweets. This elephant is well known for his love of indulging in his desserts. They represent the sweet rewards that are gained from hard work. This is the abundance Ganesh can bring!
Ganesh can also be seen at times, holding an ax. He uses this ax as a way of cutting through and dispelling all illusions and obstacles to help clear the path for the journey ahead. It also can symbolize detachment from the wrong path, lower desires, pain, or suffering. This will help to keep one on their most authentic path. 
I love the symbol of the elephant. They are mighty and majestic, wise, and inspiring! Is it just me, or did we all grow up recognizing and believing elephants to be a prominent symbol of good luck? Either way, it amazes me to ponder such a correlation between the cultures in symbolism. Lord Ganesh is a deity with BIG presence and Magic!
So now that we gained a few interesting insights on some of great Ganesh's symbolic meanings, hopefully, he will further inspire you next time you see him around. If you are embarking on new endeavors, may you remember Ganesh. He might be worthy of a closer look, to keep good luck on your side and the obstacles off of your path! Journey on!
Written by Monica Baker 

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