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As Sedona's oldest New Age Crystal and Gift shop, we believe in providing a pure, authentic experience that expands beyond the traditional retail gift store.

Established in 1986, we've always believed in fairness in our prices, integrity in the sourcing of our products, and honesty in the Spiritual guidance that we provide.

Come explore our selections Polished Stones, Natural Crystals, Incense, Books, Candles -- anything and everything perfect for Home Decor, Spiritual Enlightenment, Chakra Alignment, and Meditation.

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Clear Quartz Bracelet

Beautiful Pendant

I love the pendants i got from Crystal Magic! Great quality and looks beautiful on the chain I have. I've been happy with every purchase I've made through Crystal Magic. Thank you!


I LOVE the Gypsy Soul Aromatherapy Spray- in Heart Charka. Have been using this as my only perfume and scent since April 2021. I constantly get compliments on the scent and I feel that it instantly raises my vibration!

Awesome Bear!

Awesome Bear! Looks great with our other bears! Cheers

Moldavite Oil
maria C.
Lovely Product

This is a very popular item .I look forward to purchasing more thank you for the easy shopping


I like this gem-stone dream-catcher because it shows me both sides of the coin. Thank you SO much! Job well-done... VERY good!!

Gorgeous Coloring!!

Mine personally came in a beautiful reddish orange-ish mix that reminds me of the planet Saturn, and was a great addition to my crystal collection, would recommend.

Palo Santo is VERY good.

I thought that the smell was really nice even though it reminded me of Helium LOL. It really helped the energy in my room... <3

Sedona Cairn
The energy of the cairn SPEAKS.

Thank you so much for the Cairn and the speaking energy. It was calm, nice, chill and relaxed in a nice voice and tone of voice. In the USA Sedona is one of my favorite places as for the rocks, the red rocks, the clay and the vortex.
As a European, I value you with high amounts of respect and regard. Thanks so much, hope to make another purchase in the future!!

Very Happy with my purchases

Information on each crystal is so helpful, since I am a beginner. I received my orders fast and well packed (no problems) Each crystal was as pictured.

I love this store!!!

I always buy my birth mother gifts from Crystal Magic. They have a wide variety and great prices. My mother lives in Phoenix and they always get the items to her quickly! She absolutely loved the polished natural ammonite shell. I knew she like crystals - turns out she also like fossils. So much to catch up on since we reconnected in 2019

Light of Love

Greetings & Much Love To Us All

Amethyst, my dear Mother’s birth stone. The amethyst immediately increased psychic ability, propelling through doors of multiple openings of perception leading to proper discernment. A key, One of many to enlightenment within Unity.

Very grateful for its discovery. Much Thanks and Please, Be Well. Brother’s Love

Great Service!!

I was really impressed with the speedy shipping and the meticulous wrapping of the products and the free gift.
Will definitely order again.

Great product

I ordered a few of the sprays. Each has a beautiful smell. Not to overpowering. Each one is distinct in flavor and really brightens my day when i spray them. Additionally, website was easy to use and delivery was easy and quick. Will definitely order more!

Malachite Pyramid
Brendan D.
Love it!!

Our new malachite pyramid is wonderful! It's flawless, and has awesome energy. Thanks again!

Lol the energy of this crystal


This little guy is a total badass! I'm very happy with my purchase.


So as of recent, I moved to a smaller town then the last one
I lived in. That being said I don't have the same luxuries as my previous residence... Sooo... there i went down the rabbit hole of the faithful internet... I found this site for Palo Santo sticks of course I was a bit skeptical at first but then i received my stick and it was exactly what I'd been all over my town looking for. I had already contacted customer service prior to my purchase to figure out the return policy just in case it wasn't what i was looking for but it WAS PERFECTLY what i wanted and the rep was super nice. I ordered again this time i ordered some Cali. sage smells great, and cleanses the way i needed. THANK YOU FOR GREAT SERVICE AND WONDERFUL PRODUCTS!!!!

Favorite Incense

I love these incense sticks. My go-to for a great smelling incense with great intentions.

Beautiful object

I estimate the contact with this shop, they have beautiful objects and are very friendly.

Fluorite Tumbled



Thank you, good combo for cleansing! Quick delivery; much appreciated.

Abalone Shell Bowl
Angelina H.
Perfect dish!

I am beyond happy with everything in my order. This abalone shell is exactly what I was looking for! So carefully wrapped, it came in a package with many crystals and it was as in perfect condition!

Beautiful Piece!

My entire order was better than I even imagined. My trip to Sedona was a dream come true, but I kept wishing I had brought more crystals home. I finally decided to just order some online to see how it goes. I was so surprised how quick my items came and how thoughtfully packaged. Every item came with a note on what it was, wrapped carefully and just perfect in every way. I will be purchasing from here again. Outstanding service and beautiful pieces. I love this black tourmaline one so much.

Pure Sandalwood Incense