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Showing 1 - 24 of 158 products
Mookaite Jasper TumbledMookaite Jasper Tumbled
Sale price$1.95
Mookaite Jasper Tumbled
Blue Aragonite TumbledBlue Aragonite Tumbled
Sale price$3.00
Blue Aragonite Tumbled
Green Obsidian TumbledGreen Obsidian Tumbled
Sale price$2.00
Green Obsidian Tumbled
Amethyst Essential Oil Holder Necklace-Crystal Cluster-Crystal Magic onlineAmethyst Essential Oil Holder Necklace-Crystal Cluster-Crystal Magic online
Sale price$39.95
Amethyst Essential Oil Holder Necklace
Botswana Agate TumbledBotswana Agate Tumbled
Sale priceFrom $1.95
Botswana Agate Tumbled
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Polished Amethyst Geodes-Crystal Magic onlinePolished Amethyst Geodes-Crystal Magic online
Sale price$29.95
Polished Amethyst Geodes
Flowers & Feelings Ritual BathFlowers & Feelings Ritual Bath
Sale price$21.95
Flowers & Feelings Ritual Bath
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Birds Eye Jasper TumbledBirds Eye Jasper Tumbled
Sale price$2.95
Birds Eye Jasper Tumbled
Pink Aragonite TumbledPink Aragonite Tumbled
Sale price$3.95
Pink Aragonite Tumbled
Labradorite HeartsLabradorite Hearts
Sale price$19.95
Labradorite Hearts
Strawberry Quartz TumbledStrawberry Quartz Tumbled
Sale price$2.95
Strawberry Quartz Tumbled
Etched Selenite Plates-Crystal Bowl-Crystal Magic onlineEtched Selenite Plates-Crystal Bowl-Crystal Magic online
Sale priceFrom $22.95
Etched Selenite Plates
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Ocean Jasper (Free Form)Ocean Jasper (Free Form)
Sale price$159.95
Ocean Jasper (Free Form)
Blue Goldstone HeartsBlue Goldstone Hearts
Sale price$5.95
Blue Goldstone Hearts
Malachite (Free Form)Malachite (Free Form)
Sale price$249.95
Malachite (Free Form)
Amazonite (Free Form)Amazonite (Free Form)
Sale price$159.95
Amazonite (Free Form)
Nuummite TumbledNuummite Tumbled
Sale price$4.95
Nuummite Tumbled
Green Goldstone TumbledGreen Goldstone Tumbled
Sale price$3.00
Green Goldstone Tumbled
Brown Aragonite TumbledBrown Aragonite Tumbled
Sale price$1.95
Brown Aragonite Tumbled
Blue Goldstone TumbledBlue Goldstone Tumbled
Sale priceFrom $2.95
Blue Goldstone Tumbled
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Unakite TumbledUnakite Tumbled
Sale price$1.00
Unakite Tumbled
Black Onyx TumbledBlack Onyx Tumbled
Sale price$1.95
Black Onyx Tumbled
Amethyst Chevron HeartsAmethyst Chevron Hearts
Sale priceFrom $19.95
Amethyst Chevron Hearts
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K2 Stone TumbledK2 Stone Tumbled
Sale price$4.95
K2 Stone Tumbled

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