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Charoite bracelet

The color on the charoite bracelet is just beautiful. Really stands out.

Rose Quartz Bracelet
Albertine A.
Love them all

I have purchased several bracelets and I love them all. I wear them every day. The delivery was fast. Each bracelet was just as described and shown. I like the stretchy band and thecrystals/stones are beautiful.


I love my moonology oracle cards, they are beautiful and I work well with them.

Rose Quartz Tree

I got the Rose Quartz Tree for my youngest daughter as one of her honor roll gifts this year. She loved it! We paired it with the Amethyst and Citrine tree. My entire family liked them both. We like that both trees have an Amethyst base, so it kind of ties the to trees together. My youngest daughter is petite, so she doesn't like jewelry too much because she's very active and it falls off of her easily and she doesn't like to keep track of it. So these are perfect crystals for her and she keeps it on her study desk as a reminder of her excellence this year.

Favorite Stone

Great bracelet, fast shipping, and a wide selection of items. Thank you!

Wonderful piece

I’ve purchased many items from Crystal Magic. They have an excellent selection and ship very quickly.


Pleasantly surprised how quickly the items were mailed. The bracelet was a gift and was a hit with the recipient. Thank you.

Moss Agate Bracelet
Patricia C.
Beautiful Moss agate

Gorgeous bracelet and colors

My beautiful crystals

This bracelet is beautiful and easy to wear. I love it!

My beautiful crystals

I love all of my bracelets. I wear the three of them together every day and feel good about wearing them.

Prehnite palm stones

I love these. Beautiful size. Beautiful energy. Thank you!

Amethyst Heart
Crystal B.

Very pleasantly surprised at the prompt processing of my order, packaging, accompanying info! Will definitely order again 🤗

Goes with all

It is nice putting different crystal bracelets together. I have Malachite with black tourmaline which is supposed to be good for empaths

Clear Quartz Rhino


The online picture made this seem like it would have black stones. Mine is more yellow. But it is still lovely and seems to help my wrist pain.


I was truly surprised by this piece. Very beautiful and unique. Extremely pleased with my purchase. Crystal Magic is a wonderful. You won't be disappointed here they aim to please their customers you just can't go wrong shopping here.

Love it!!

Absolutely love this piece it is exactly what was pictured Tourmaline in its purest form. Crystal Magic is my go to Crystal store, great quality, outstanding customer service and quick delivery. Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job.👍🏼👍🏼

Amber Sphere
Charlene H.
my warmth giver

I love my amber sphere, it sits beside me each day bringing it's warmth and protection to my environment.

Quickly shipped and good quality

Love the color so smooth to the touch

Raw Green Calcite
Katherine M.
A Green Beauty

Love the raw look to it. Highly recommended it.

Love all the products and shipping is fast! Thank you!


I love my new pendant. It’s pretty and has good energy. I will enjoy wearing it for years to come.

Everything is good! I’d purchase more but shipping is expensive. Thank you

Love love love

I got my k2 and I have it all the time with me now and than my mook jasper same thing and than as a gift I got a sedona jasper love love love I keep all 3 on me and they were meant to be with me! I'll definitely be back to buy more

Citrine Cluster
Katherine M.
Raw and Beautiful

It's beautiful to hold and see. I was born in November. Citrine and Topaz are my stones.
This stone is beautiful to see!