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Happy Citrine Trees

I purchased three of these trees. One in each size. They are lovely and make me happy when I look at them. Each is for a
different person. My only
negative comment is that the amethyst base on the medium size is very pale, so there isn’t the rich color contrast I was looking for. Otherwise very satisfied.

Mary Mother Rose

Great product that smells great! Shipped fast!

Love this

I bought this for a friend, absolutely stunning. I'll be purchasing one for myself soon. Super fast delivery as well. It arrived to Chicago in 3 days! Thank you!

Magic - Rock

I find this green calcite to have SO many magical properties. It made me feel good, first of all. Calcite reminds me of a bowl full of gum-drops coated in sugar - doesn't that make you feel good like you want one? A green gum-drop: YUM :) don't forget the sugar

Good 2 rejuvenate

Thank you so much for this awesome product that I used in one bath sitting. It was really good to express how i feel in the tub, while relaxing. My emotions came out freely and it left me smelling VERY good too. Thanks again :)

Malachite Heart
Joselyn G.

Malachite Heart

Libra Sign Bundle
Joselyn G.
BEAUTIFUL SET- Libra Vibes to the Max!

These crystals are absolute magic! So beautiful and energy that is charged from the beautiful vortexes of Sedona, is unmatched. We went to this store as a family during a summer trip and absolutely fell in love with Sedona and this magical store. The staff were warm and friendly and so helpful to our millions of questions. Had to make order online as we are from California. Thank you Crystal Magic for blessing our family with your magic.

Perfect in every way

I've been looking for this specific incense for some time and was so happy to finally find it. Lovely service, came quickly and with a gorgeous little crystal to boot. Thank you sm will be buying from here again! ♡

Amethyst Chevron Heart

I recently started getting in to Crystal Healing and with an upcoming trip to Sedona, looked up places to shop for crystals. I couldn't wait for my trip when I found Crystal Magic Sedona and placed an order. The chevron heart was shipped with care and came very fast to SoCal. I was delighted to find an extra Sedona Jasper palm stone that was added with thought and love to my order. I've placed more orders because I love the customer service and the chevron is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Crystal Magic Sedona! Customer for life online and when in Sedona!

3 pyramids

I purchased 3 of these to put in my room, on display. 3 of them to me represents the three pyramids of Giza, Egypt. It is a REALLY cool idea :)

Green Aventurine Carved Cactus

It reminds me of an Elven fantasy I once had.

I am so glad to make this purchase as it fosters my belief of an Elven fantasy that I used to have. As an Elv named Leo, this necklace makes me feel charmed and happy - I like wearing it... it has strong supernatural power & energy inwards, within the crystal realm of the clear gem-stone.... <3

Consistent Quality and Value

I am completely pleased with my purchase. I visited this store while on a trip and now rely on it as a go-to online crystal shop. The quality is top notch, and the photos are very accurate. Shipping is quick, affordable and care is taken with packing. Crystal Magic consistently offers authentic products at a great value!

Beautiful and reminds me of Arizona

Love the dark lepidolite bracelets

Beautiful stones, well made

I LOVE watching them dissolve

I fill up the tub and throw the bath bomb in. I watch it dissolve and permeate the entire tub. It's great. It feels good, looks good, and smells good too. Thank you so much. I really like them. Also, the crystals on top are fun to collect. I think I might possibly order some more soon. I went to your store-front when I lived in Sedona... overall I love Crystal Magic!! The bath bombs are very beneficial, intentional, and purposeful. Thanks again <3


Absolutely love my Selenite. It’s a must have in my home and am so glad to have found this authentic piece on Crystal Magic. Amazing packaging at a very reasonable price! Thank you!

Self love activated

A go-to crystal for self-love reminders

Amazing Store!

I loved the stone I received and the packaging was super cute and thoughtful! I will be ordering from here again!

Makes a difference

I have purchased several of these as gifts and for myself. They’ve really improved my journaling journey from setting intentions to what comes out on the pages.

Leo Bundle

It was beautiful and perfect! This was a birthday gift for a Leo friend and she absolutely loved it.

Incredible customer service

I ordered this delightful room spray online. When the package came there was an extra gift inside! A beautiful Sedona Jasper used for mediation and clarity of thought. Exactly what I needed! What an incredible store, and such a thoughtful and surprising gift. The products are amazing, and so are the people!

Beautiful Palm Stone!

I love this palm stone so much. Great energy and amazing quality. I’ve always been drawn to smooth, flat stones. They are so soothing and this one immediately gave me a warm feeling! Crystal Magic is an amazing store to purchase from. They process/ship your order SO fast, but more importantly you can tell they take great care in choosing and packing your order.