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Fall Equinox - Finding Balance

This has been a year to remember. The vast contrast between the dark and the light has been palpable as life keeps moving through the uncertainty. With the turn of another Season we see our sun shifting into a Libra Sky -- bringing with it another Fall Equinox.


Fall symbolizes the Harvest. Foliage is turning, temperatures are dropping, days are becoming shorter than ever, and we are asked to look inward. Tuning into the cycles of Nature, such as growth, harvest, death and rebirth creates a deeper understanding around the cycles we construct in our own lives. The seeds of our year have been sown and the fruits of our labor are ripe for the picking.

The Astrological symbol Libra represents the halfway point in the Astrological cycle -- which means our Sun is traveling directly across the center of our Earth. But even more intrinsic is what this Season means for our daily lives, as day and night come together in equal length - 12 hours - all around the world. The season for balance is here  -- so how will you see this Libra energy to bring forth your own balance and harmony?

Perhaps a re-examination of one-sided relationships is on the horizon? Are you working as hard as you play? Or, more importantly, are you playing as hard as you work? Has your diet shifted? How about your daily habits -- do they still serve your highest self? These are the types of thoughtful reflection that Gaia herself infuses with the Natural signposts of the Fall season.

Balance is key to any foundation. Use this time to get clear on your goals and dreams so that you see your future in crystal clarity. In her book Crystal Zodiac (available here), Katie Huang shares powerful information about how you can use Astrology and crystals to enhance your life. Huang’s insightful message for this Libra season is:

“Clarifying your goals at the outset of any endeavor can prevent ambivalence from impeding your progress.”

When clarifying an intention, the ability to focus is key. Without focus some energy will inevitably be lost on distraction. Though a sharply driven focus is nothing without a clear intention -- how much success can a focused painter find if their subject is blurred? To this end, we've highlighted the three most prominent crystals of balance and clarity, in hopes that we can help you during this important period of self reflection.



Planet: Mercury | Element: Air | Chakra: Crown

Ametrine is formed from the perfect harmony between Amethyst and Citrine, creating a uniquely powerful focus for balance and connection. The Citrine portion stimulates creativity and expression while the Amethyst provides strong protection against negative energy. Together, this stone is often used for providing balance, acceptance during transformative times, and mental clarity. Let Ametrine help you derive your intention with clarity.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Planet: Jupiter | Element: Air | Chakra: Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli is sought after for its intense blue color and brilliant speckles of Pyrite. This deep blue stimulates self-confidence and honesty in self-expression, which is why it excels in sparking honest discourse. Lapis Lazuli will ensure authenticity and honesty in your evaluation of life imbalances --  making it an unbelievably important part of your Equinox re-awakening.

Banded Agate

Banded Agate

Planet: Mercury | Element: Air/Earth| Chakra: Root

Formed in the fires of volcanic eruptions, Banded Agate stones have experienced the highest pressure that Mother Nature can create. That's why users of this stone often feel their sense of security and composure emphasized. Fear of breaking unhealthy cycles is a powerful force which prevent many from materializing healthy habits  -- give yourself a powerful sense of self and safety by using Banded Agate as an intention focus.


For more information on the healing properties of these stones and more, check out Healing Crystals by Cassandra Eason (available here). Use these stones in meditation on your path to truth and balance.



Wishing you a Magical and Healing Equinox from Crystal Magic!

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Thank you! For the wisdom and knowledge I treasure and accept both with great humility and privilege GOd bless you @ crystal magic . JEL Jr(Bisbee AZ)

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