MAGICAL PLANTS - Setting intentions and spell casting with plant allies.

Magical Plants
Just like crystals, plants have many different metaphysical and healing properties. Whether you are an herbalist, healer or Witch it is important to develop deep relationships with the plants you choose to work with. Understanding their historical context and applications will amplify the effectiveness of your abilities. We know that the sheer number of plant types scattered around ritual spaces, tea shops, essential oils, and inside poultices & potions, can be intimidating, which is why we created this guide to help! In this blog we will be focusing on the burning of sacred plants for smudging and energy clearing. For more information on how to smudge, or clear energy check out our other blog: Clearing Space – What is Smudging and How To Do It.
As we begin to develop our relationship with sacred plants, their magic will flow through our lives in all areas. This relationship begins with clearing your mindspace and setting a clear intention. Ask yourself, what are you searching for in your life? Does something need healing? Perhaps a space or emotion needs protecting? Maybe you're looking for a boost to to goals you set out during your Fall Equinox intention-setting ritual? Go ahead and peruse our other blogs for help with setting your intentions. 
The benefit of using sacred plants in place of Crystals to clear a space is simple: Plants have a stronger, more active connection to emotions given their closer tie to life. Crystals are amazing storers of energy and information, while Plants can more quickly diffuse negative energy when tied to a clear intention. With Halloween upon us, we are going to introduce a few of our favorite plants for rituals.
Purification | Protection | Wisdom
The king of cleansing, this sacred herb has been used since ancient times to clear out negative energy and restore balance. We recommend using Sage to cleanse your crystals before your rituals as well as your ritual space before you begin. With over 700 species of Salvia (Sage) worldwide, it is important to note that wild White Sage is endangered, so you should always seek out responsible and ethical sources of your White Sage (such as our friends at Full Moon Farms), and remember to always burn intentionally.
Love | Happiness | Friendship
Rose is the Queen of all flowers. Despite being most recognized by their alluring Red color, these flowers can be found in an assortment of colors each representing something different. Black roses fuel mysticism and Magic, while Yellow represents friendship and connection. Red represents deep love and affection, Orange energizes passion and desire, and Pink petals spread joy and gratitude. If enchantment is what you're looking for, try Lavender flowers -- or White if you seek purity and new beginnings. Consider which flower color best aligns with your intention to ensure you maximize the effect of your rose petals. And don't worry, drying your own is very simple! Add fresh or dried rose petals to any sacred smudging stick or burn over a charcoal and enjoy the aroma.
Palo Santo
Stress Release | Protection | Good Fortune
Haling from South America, Palo Santo gets its name from the Spanish language name of the trees from which it's harvested. Often used in meditation to promote protection and energy clearing, Palo Santo wood has become the standard incense for new and experienced incense burners alike. Whether you're looking for a time-tested method of clearing your space or the powerful blessings of good fortune bestowed upon those who use Palo Santo, you won't be disappointed. To use, simply set your intention, light your stick using a steady flame or candle, and then gently blow out the wood upon ignition. Clear you mind, and enjoy.
Transformation | Protection | Purification
Known as liquid gold in some circles, this resin comes from the Boswellia tree found in North Africa, India and south Arabia. Used for removing negative energy, burning Frankincense offers extended psychic and emotional protection while also boosting your spiritual awareness. Available in both a resin and dry stick form with no discernible difference in properties between the two types. Frankincense is commonly burnt singularly to release anxiety and stress.
Peace | Purification | Positive Energy
Named after its decadently sweet scent, sweetgrass is believed to bring positive energy and attract good spirits. This amazing plant growing zone ranges from Alaska to Newfoundland and in parts of Norther Europe. This sacred herb is often braided following the Native American tradition of the three-strand braid, representing love, kindness and honestly. Used to simultaneously restore positive energy, while clearing negative energy. Burn sweetgrass by itself or with other sacred plants (between you and me, there is no better combination of aroma than White Sage and sweetgrass together!).

That's it for now, we hope you enjoyed the information and learned something new. Signing off for now,

Much love.


We pulled information and ideas from Crystal Muse and Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Clearing. For more detailed information on sacred plants, check out our blog Top Herbs and Resins for Smudging Any Space.

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