Double Terminated Iolite Point

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Iolite Crystals come in a fascinating variety of color styles, with some patterns being structurally distinct and arranged according to the primary and secondary stone axes. Iolite is known as the “Violet Stone” and is one of the predominant stones used in healing the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras as well as a highly influential stone for guided mediation. The electrical charge of Iolite responds to auras it comes into contact with, making this Crystal highly useful for aura strengthening and alignment practices. Meditation with Iolite is useful for balancing the male and female aspects of ones character, establishing emotional and spiritual harmony between the yin and yang forces.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Intuition
  • Soul journey
  • Visulazation
  • Overcomes addictions


Product Dimensions

Size Small
Width 0.5-1" 0.5-1.5"
Height 3-4" 3.5-4.5"

Note: due to the natural materials inherent in this item, each unique piece will have variations in shape and color. Though similar, the item that you receive will vary from the photos shown. We guarantee the quality and beauty of all our Crystal products, and will gladly provide additional photos of each product, and will try to honor particular instructions left in the Comments section of your order.

Note: price is for one item.

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