Amethyst - A Divine Stone of Intuition and Royalty
Amethyst Crystal Geode
This beautiful violet stone is very familiar and is one of the most beloved by many crystal enthusiasts. It is common to hear that it is the very first stone many will choose when starting to work with crystal allies or just beginning a mineral collection. Why so many choose this as their first crystal is unusual, but maybe not surprising once people realize that besides just being a beautiful stone, working with amethyst supports the spiritual awakening journey. Popularity and preciousness of this stone have even been traced far back into history, including that of ancient Egypt and Neolithic times. 
Amethyst is a purple or violet variation of Quartz. Chemically speaking, its makeup is that of silicon dioxide or SiO2, just like clear Quartz but, the purple color that makes it specifically an Amethyst is created by the combination of aluminum and iron deposits, along with some natural irradiation in the quartz. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 7. Amethyst is February's birthstone. 
 Amethyst Crystal Cluster
 The color saturation in Amethyst varies greatly, to a deep dark purple to a very faintly tinted purple hue. There are also many unique variations of amethyst with multiple mineral deposits included in the stone, some of which are rarer. These include but are not limited to Brandenburg amethyst, Ametrine, Super-seven, and Auralite.
This crystal can be found in a variation of many forms, as well. There are beautiful clusters, geodes, flowers, wands, towers, and even single or double terminated specimens. Of course, this crystal is made into stunning gem jewelry too. We have a fantastic selection of all of these kinds of amethyst in our shops!
 Amethyst Healing Crystal Cluster
On a metaphysical level, there are many properties to this lovely stone. I guess the real question in exploring amethyst should be, what can this stone not do?! There are just so many excellent properties when it comes to amethyst that they are considered to be legendary.
The violet color of amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and their qualities. Amethyst, commonly tied to royalty, intuition, higher intelligence, spirituality, and divine love. It is also associated with being a stone of royalty because in Greek and Roman times the royalty treasured amethyst for its beauty and its reputed powerful qualities so much so, that they used it to decorate their crowns, wands, armor, and jewelry. At one time, amethyst had such value that it was reserved for and only available to royalty. 
Amethyst is an excellent meditation tool. It is known for being a magnificently calming stone, enhancing peace of mind and intuition. It also helps to unlock creativity associated with the intuitive self. Amethyst assists in seeing the highest truth in any situation; higher truth is what divine love is all about. Divine love is the truth of the infinite self and its connection with all things.
Another healing property that amethyst offers is its ability to aid in releasing bad habits, breaking negative patterns, and addictions of all kinds. Sobriety is believed to be attributed to this stone because the word amethyst in Greek translates to 'not drunk.'  It makes sense to use amethyst in this way as it supports the higher mind and living in greater spiritual alignment.
 Amethyst Crystal Ring
Amethyst is also connected to the spiritual being Saint Germain and is associated with his healing violet flame. This is one of the reasons amethyst can also be considered a stone for divine spiritual protection as it creates a shield around the auric field of the body. This powerful purple essence is what we visualize when one calls upon the violet flame of Saint Germain for assistance.
Amethyst truly captures the essence of spiritual protection, divine love, divine intuition, the third eye, and crown chakra qualities, peace, wellness, and royalty!
Here are just a few of my favorite ways to work more closely with Amethyst crystals:
In meditation, amethyst is an excellent crystal to enhance the connection with higher intelligence and spiritual realms. Holding an amethyst crystal close during meditation
practice, along with an open intention to connect with the energies of the crystal will help to deepen relaxation and calm the spirit. This allows more insight and intuition to flow. It can assist in bringing peace of mind and the mental clarity that is connected with the third eye chakra. Thus, it can increase creativity and psychic abilities, as well. 
For enhancing sleep, putting an amethyst crystal near the bed, or under a pillow is lovely, Because amethyst is known for calming the nerves and promoting ease and relaxation, making amethyst a crucial tool to use for a great night's rest. 
Another great option would be to take an amethyst crystal into the bathroom before a bedtime wash and place it near the tub or shower. While taking a bath or shower, holding an amethyst crystal and visualizing the violet light energy of amethyst flowing like water and washing over the body, purifies the energetic field. This will allow the soothing violet rays to bring peace, calm and protection to the entire being. This can also be utilized anytime during a wash routine as a way to remove blocks or negative thought-forms, as well as to energetically reset and fortify the aura spiritually.  
Amethyst crystals are also great for enhancing any living space as they emanate their loving violet-ray frequencies outwards, adding a sense of balance and well-being. Just placing one or maybe a few clusters in a living area is enough to raise the good vibrations. 
Whatever form it is in, the purple passion of this gorgeous crystal can bring us deep peace and divine love as it shines bright in our eyes and our hearts, serving our highest good, making one feel divinely royal indeed! There is not one thing I can think of not to love about this stone. Yes! Amethyst crystals are amazing! 
Written by Monica Baker
Amethyst Druzy Crystal Heart

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