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Dragonstone Dragon - Crystal Magic online

Septarian Buffalo

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About Crystal Carvings

Crystal Carvings are beautiful hand-carved pieces meant to facilitate spiritual connection with the carving. Often, Crystal Carvings represent animals shapes, which infuse the metaphysical properties of the host Crystal with the spiritual characteristics of the animal carving. To find the perfect piece for you, we suggest first identifying your connection points with animal or other carving shapes, then choosing the Crystal Species perfect for your needs.

Septarian Crystals ,also known as Dragonstone, are known as powerful stones of Truth, which illuminate the true self while repressing judgement from internal sources. Proximity to Dragonstone is said to manifest happiness and prosperity through gradual acceptance of the true self. Meditation with Dragonstone clears the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing spiritual travel, particularly when undergoing self-evaluation. When emitting grief or sadness energy, Dragonstone is known to transform the incoming energy into calming, energy of reality acceptance, helping one move forward from emotional blockages.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Self nurturing
  • Patience
  • Motivation
  • Grounding
  • Stabilizes emotions


Product Dimensions

Weight 0.2 lbs
Width 3"
Height 3"