Burning resin incense is an ancient practice that has been used for spiritual, religious, and aromatic purposes across various cultures. Unlike stick or cone incense, resin incense is made from natural tree sap, which offers a rich and potent fragrance when burned. Here's a brief guide on how to safely burn resin incense:

Steps to Safely Burn Resin Incense

1. Gather Your Materials

  • Resin Incense: Choose your desired type of resin (e.g., frankincense, myrrh, copal).
  • Charcoal Disk: Special charcoal discs designed for incense burning.
  • Incense Burner: A heat-resistant container, preferably made of metal or ceramic.
  • Tongs: For handling the hot charcoal.
  • Lighter or Matches: To light the charcoal.
  • Sand or Ash: Optional, to line the burner and provide extra insulation.

2. Prepare the Incense Burner

  • If using sand or ash, fill the bottom of the incense burner with a small layer to help absorb heat and stabilize the charcoal.

3. Light the Charcoal Disk

  • Hold the charcoal disk with tongs and light it with a lighter or match. The charcoal will start to spark and crackle. Allow it to heat up until it's glowing red and covered with a layer of ash (this usually takes about 5-10 minutes).

4. Place the Charcoal in the Burner

  • Carefully place the hot charcoal in the incense burner using the tongs.

5. Add the Resin

  • Once the charcoal is fully ignited, sprinkle a small amount of resin incense onto the top of the charcoal. The resin will start to melt and release its fragrant smoke.

6. Enjoy the Aroma

  • Place the burner in a safe, well-ventilated area. Enjoy the aromatic experience as the resin burns. You can add more resin as needed.

Safety Tips

- Always place the incense burner on a heat-resistant surface.
- Never leave burning incense unattended.
- Keep out of reach of children and pets.
- Ensure the area is well-ventilated to avoid inhaling too much smoke.

By following these steps and precautions, you can safely enjoy the rich and soothing aromas of resin incense in your home or sacred space.


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