Spring Equinox is Upon Us!
Good morning!
Your usual weekday alarm nudges you out of bed and as you rub the sleep from your eyes and mobilize towards your morning coffee or tea you notice something; there’s a hint of soft blue light daring to suggest itself from the windows. The kitchen floor is just barely illuminated before you even hit the lights, perhaps birds outside sing along to your alarm clock, and you realize your old friend Springtime has shown up at your door once again! The frost is fleeting from your lawn and dormant spirit and you can smell the luscious sunshine in the air. Does this sound in any way familiar? 
The anticipation and absolute elation you have possibly felt at the idea of Winter finally being over is not just felt by you alone. It seems no matter where you are in the Northern Hemisphere in mid March and early April, Spring is being celebrated.
In Mexico, the beginning of Spring is celebrated at the ancient Mayan archaeological site of Chichen Itza, the Kukulkan temple built so astronomically precise that the midday sunshine looks like a serpent slithering down the temple steps. Among Christianity, Easter is celebrated in Spring to signify the resurrection of Christ. In Northern India, the festival of colors, or Holi, is celebrated to reign in Springtime. And Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is celebrated directly on the equinox in numerous countries. While there are various names and celebrations related to this time of the year, we’re embracing our inner Witch here in Sedona and choosing to focus on Wiccan celebration of the Spring Equinox! Fast approaching, we’ve dedicated this blog post and (our new sale) to warmer days that lay ahead. 
In case you’re new to Wiccan holidays, we’ve got you covered. An equinox is a solar event celebrated by various sects of modern Paganism and Wicca.  Solar events are celebrated as festivals or Sabbats, making up the Wheel of the Year, each with their own associated lore and traditions. There are eight main celebrations that comprise the Wheel of the Year, each relating to Sun’s journey around the planet. There are two Equinoxes every year, one in Spring called Ostara and one in Fall called Mabon.
“Equinox” being derived from the latin terms meaning “equal” and “night”, they are the days when the sun is directly above the earth's equator, meaning there is just as much daytime as there is night. Each day that follows Ostara will be longer and longer up until the Summer Solstice: the longest day of the year and another solar event. The arrival of Spring has many literal and figurative implications in Wicca.
According to The Hearth Witch’s Year: Rituals, Recipes, and Remedies Through the Seasons, “It is a time of renewal, of promise, of hope when the Sun God gains strength, when the Vegetation God emerges from the earth, and the Maiden Goddess is wreathed in flowers”. It is the time to celebrate equilibrium between night and day and welcome the Sun back into our lives! Whether you feel like celebrating by performing a Ritual for Ostara or simply feel like doing some Spring cleaning, we’ve got products on sale that can help!
One of the major themes of the Spring Equinox is rebirth. Our slates can be wiped clean with a new season of growth ahead of us. No wonder Spring Cleaning is a common tradition amongst various religions and cultures this time of year. That’s why we’ve put on sale all of our products that help cleanse your space and soul.
For starters, any of our smudging kits are perfect companions for clearing and stale or old energy. Various cultures have used smudging, or burning sage, to help purify a space. You can smudge your room, your body, or crystals for a fresh start. Our Cleansing Collection of crystals is also on sale to help you get rid of anything old or outgrown in your life and make room for new beginnings.
Featured Cleansing Crystal for Spring: Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine is a great heart healer, casting away old patterns of behavior or ways of thinking while opening your Heart Chakra to new possibilities. This Spring, make a list of whatever you wish to leave behind in Winter; whether it be past traumatic events or negative personal habits. Meditate with Green Aventurine and picture whatever you listed leaving your spirit and leaving your heart open to new growth and possibilities. 
Wicca highly values a strong connection to the natural world. With the Earth awakening around us, this sale features collections and products that can help foster that connection.  For starters, let the Spring flowers be a reminder that this is the perfect time of year for personal growth! After a potentially dormant Winter, now is the time to awaken your mind, body, and spirit to new possibilities. We’ve included all of our crystals that help with personal growth in this sale to act as an energetic fertilizer!
-Featured Crystal for Personal Growth this Spring:  Fuchsite 
The deep green hues of Fuchsite are symbolic of Spring and its empowering energy. Meditating with Fuchsite can help unpack what might not be working in our lives whether it be physical, emotional or professional by encouraging self reflection and examination. It empowers us to reorganize that which is in disarray and take steps to a better life. 
The sabbats are meant to bring awareness to the annual rhythms of the planet. Whether it be Summer or Winter, our inner witch wants to be conscious of the Earth beneath our feet. That’s why we would be remiss to not include our Grounding collection of crystal in our Equinox sale. Find stability and revitalize your Earth-Body connection as budding plants do the same. 
-Featured Grounding Crystal for Spring: Mookiate Jasper
Mookiate Jasper is known for its varieties of red, orange, and yellow hues each associated with the lower chakras making it a perfect grounding stone. It will balance your root chakra, invigorating your physical body and anchoring your mind to the Earth. A deeper consciousness of the budding nature around you can be achieved when meditating with Mookiate. 
We’re always looking for good fortune but historically Spring might be the season when it was most sought after. The work done now would determine the eventual Autumnal harvest and therefore how well you survived the Winter. Being such a vital time of year we figured we should include our Good Fortune Collection of crystals into this sale to help encourage abundance in all parts of life. 
-Featured Crystal for bringing Good Fortune this Spring:  Moss Agate
Moss agate gets its name from its green dendritic inclusions making it resemble soft woodland moss. Dating back centuries it has been a stone of good luck and prosperity particularly amongst farmers. It’s been said farmers in Britain used to display moss agate in their fields to promote a plentiful harvest. Meditating with this crystal can help you achieve new heights whether it be in your garden, the workplace, or your relationships.
The last section of this sale includes accessories for any witch! Our gold and flower related jewelry is all on sale in honor of the golden sun and beautiful spring flowers. All of our candles are on sale so you can curate your altar just so. Our cast iron cauldron is on sale so you can practice making potions and our crystal wands and palm stones are on sale so you can direct your intentions clearly. However you chose to celebrate warmer days, we hope you find something in this sale that brings you closer to the Earth and helps you bloom with Springtime. 

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