Smudging Trio-White Sage, Palo Santo, & Sweet Grass

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Full Moon Farms Smudging Trios are made with Love in Arizona

Smudging Trios combine the healing and energetic properties of widely used herbs to provide the ultimate cleansing ritual. It is a wonderful way to start your sacred ceremony. This should be burned on a charcoal tablet or can be lit directly.

Weight: ~2.5oz

The Practice of Sage Smudging

Crystal Magic Sage Incense

Sage smudging is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the world. The practice involves burning sage leaves, typically bundled together, to create a fragrant smoke that is used to purify and cleanse a space, person, or object.

In many cultures, sage smudging is used as a tool for spiritual purification and healing. It is believed that the smoke from the sage can help to clear negative energy and promote positive energy, which can help to enhance spiritual growth and well-being.

Today, many people still use sage smudging as a form of spiritual practice. It is often used in conjunction with other spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, and is also commonly used in holistic healing practices.

Sage smudging can be a powerful tool, whether you are looking to purify your home or workplace, cleanse your body and mind, or simply enhance your spiritual practice. By tapping into the ancient wisdom of this practice, you can bring more balance, harmony, and peace into your life.

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Customer Reviews

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Cathie A.L.
First time using Sweetgrass and Palo Santo

I have been using sage for many years and am very particular where I buy my sage from. In 2018, I was in Sedona and purchased sage before returning to the east coast. Then a couple of years ago I was given sage or Christmas, which was good as I had just run out of the sage purchased in Sedona.
Just before Christmas this year I used the last of that sage and wanted more. Now, there are many places around where I live that I could've gotten more. But while I know of them, I just didn't trust them. Plus, I really wanted Sedona Sage. So, I went online looking for a store in Sedona I could purchase it from. When I came upon the website for Crystal Magic and saw the picture of the store I remembered visiting it when I was in Sedona in 2016 and 2018. That was all I needed.
I have never used the sweetgrass and palo santo, but decided to try the sudging kit that contained the sage, sweetgrasss and palo santo. Not sure how to use the last two I just combined all three in my smudging shell and burnt them together. Using the mantra "Release all negativity. Bring in only positive healing vibrations". I set about cleansing my apartment. I did this on New Year's Eve lookig to eradicate 2023.
I am so very glad I chose this smudging kit! While I have always felt better after cleansing my apartment. This time was different. I can't really explain it. I just know that I felt better, lighter and the apartment felt better than it has in along time. This is not to say negative thoughts don't happen. They do. But I have been able to reverse them quicker and with more ease then before. And they are fewer. I will definitely recommend this smudging kit to family and friends.

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