Meteorite Ring-Crystal Magic online
Meteorite Ring-Crystal Magic online
Meteorite Ring-Crystal Magic online

Meteorite Ring

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Sterling Silver Meteorite ring.

Made by Starborn Creations - Sedona, Arizona

Meteorite Crystals are truly extraterrestrial in both physical and energetic origin. With such an outstanding origin, Meteorite compositions and colors widely vary, though often the dominant categories are the “irons”, “chondrites”, and “achondrites”. Meteorite chunks are rarer than diamonds and were presented here on Earth by cosmic processes. Holding the energy from other worlds, the Meteorite is a powerful meditational and ritual source for establishing and facilitating communication outside the physical plane. Keeping Meteorite nearby will facilitate new perspectives and instill spiritual and emotional endurance.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Inner wisdom
  • ET connections


Product Dimensions

Ring Size 14
Ring Weight 10g

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