Crackle Quartz Hand-Carved Point

Size: Medium
Sale price$15.95


A beautiful, hand-cut Clear Crackle Quartz point with a flat-cut base. Crystal Points are incredibly useful in many respects, including as decor elements, ritual essentials, and metaphysical protection. Their carved shape makes Crystal Points natural energy cleansers, actively absorbing the negative energy of their surrounding space. 

Metaphysical Properties

  • Pure happiness and joy
  • Brings harmony and balance
  • Manifesting Heart's desires
  • An amplifier of other Crystals

      Product Dimensions

      Size Small Medium Large
      Width 0.75-1" 0.75-1" 1"
      Height 1.25-1.5" 1.5-2" 1.5-2"

      About Crackle Quartz

      Crackle Quartz is created through a process of misting super-heated Quartz with water, causing striking fractures and other features to form. Quartz Crystals are known as Master Healers, who cleanse and transmute negative energy into positive, healing energy. Quartz Crystals provide a steady balancing energy aura throughout the spaces they are kept, which can easily be attuned to specific guided purposes after ritual or meditation. These Crystals are said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul: harmonizing and aligning human thoughts and emotions with the energies of the universe. Therefore, Quartz Crystals make powerful talismans linking the physical dimensions with the dimensions of the mind, and a beneficial Crystal for all.

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