Raw Blue Calcite

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A rough-cut Raw Blue Calcite piece. Natural Crystal Forms, such as Clusters, Chunks, Geodes, and Slabs, are idyllic displays of Crystal's natural beauty. Given that these pieces are minimally handled after extraction, they carry the purest energetic and metaphysical signature of the host Crystal.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Promotes inner vision
  • Dream recall
  • Releases stress
  • Respiratory system health

Product Dimensions

Width 1"
Height .5"

About Blue Calcite

Strengthen your ability to communicate with Blue Calcite, a powerful infuser of emotional and spiritual calming. When cooler heads are needed, keep close some raw Blue Calcite to prevail. Allow Blue Calcite to calm and soothe anxieties, opening up your calm mind to new creative possibilities and conscious exploration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Red Calcite is LOVE <3

I got these few crystals in order to remind myself what love is. They are great and charged, they make my room feel good. My home is safe, happy, healthy AND protected... Simply, as blessed as the energy can possibly be. Definitely what I was aiming for.

David F.
Crystal magic is wonderful

I was watching ancient aliens and they were talking about calcite and I was wondering if crystal magic had calcite and they did! Crystal magic is the best!

Magic - Rock

I find this green calcite to have SO many magical properties. It made me feel good, first of all. Calcite reminds me of a bowl full of gum-drops coated in sugar - doesn't that make you feel good like you want one? A green gum-drop: YUM :) don't forget the sugar

Katherine M.
A Green Beauty

Love the raw look to it. Highly recommended it.

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