Crystal Magic Incense Sticks

With a strong history of tradition, incense sticks are the time tested go-to for aromatherapy. Featuring a wonderful variety of aromas, you can be sure there is a perfect blend for any occasion.

Start by lighting the coated tip of the incense. Keep the tip ignited for five seconds, then gently blow out the flame. For a shorter, fuller burn, keep the flame ignited for 10 seconds. Gently set the other end inside an incense holder plate or bowl, so that the burning end is held upright and the ashes can be collected.

Incense stick burners take many shapes and forms. However, the two most important aspects are ensuring your stick is secure while burning and ensuring the spent ashes are securely collected for disposal. A smoldering incense stick can easily burn or ignite fabrics upon falling over and the spent ashes can discolor most surfaces over time.


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