Crystal Magic Backflow Burner

Incense cones are a unique, sometimes preferable form of aromatherapy. Their compact and durable shape makes them ideal for travel or cozy spaces, while providing the same excellent aroma and a longer burn time than traditional sticks.

Start by lighting the pointed tip of the incense. Keep the tip ignited for five seconds, then gently blow out the flame. For a shorter, fuller burn, keep the flame ignited for 10 seconds. Gently set the cone down onto a safe plate and enjoy the mood-setting aroma of your incense.

Incense cones are known to produce more smoke than their stick counterparts, so it is recommended to house the burning cone inside a burner that can re-direct the smoke away from you. Such burners include covered burners or backflow burners. If lit in a well-ventilated area, a simple Abalone Shell or incense plate will do the trick.


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