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Shiva Lingam Tumbled - Crystal Magic online
Shiva Lingam Tumbled - Crystal Magic online

Shiva Lingam Tumbled

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Shiva Lingram stones are uniquely rare Stones which can only be found in one of seven holy sites along the Narmada River of Western India. These Stones are hand-polished and carved into the classic egg shape, which is representative of the Hindu God Shiva. These Stones carry significant spiritual meaning among the Hindu religion, and each representing the Yoni, or the feminine energy within a seed to be fertilized. Thought of as the Cosmic Egg which stemmed all of creation, Shiva Lingram Stones are powerful generators of transformative energy, useful for stimulating awakenings or ascensions to higher spiritual planes.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Fertility
  • Kundalini
  • Root chakra
  • Insight

Approximate Product Dimensions

Width 1"

Note: due to the natural materials inherent in this item, each unique piece will have variations in shape and color. Though similar, the item that you receive will vary from the photos shown. We guarantee the quality and beauty of all our Crystal products, and will gladly provide additional photos of each product, and will try to honor particular instructions left in the Comments section of your order. We do not accept returns on Crystals for cosmetic features alone.

Note: price is for one item.

Crystal Tumbled are beautifully polished and smoothed samples of Crystals, often coming in various sizes and shapes. Crystal Tumbled Stones make excellent decor, as their bright polish enhances light reflection, and their small, lightweight form means they can be taken anywhere. Since each piece of Tumbled Stone is made from a Crystal host, each piece still contains small levels of metaphysical energy properties. However, the unique nature of Tumbled Stone is in their ability to coalesce and transform their metaphysical properties with nearby Stones, creating an entirely unique energy flow based on the composition of the Tumbled collection. As in life, variety is the key! 

All Crystals provide healing energy throughout the spaces they are kept. Ensure to routinely cleanse and reenergize your Crystals to ensure their healing energy never fades!

Note: Crystal Tumbled are categorized into different Styles according to their relative Size and Crystal Grade. While each piece of Crystal Tumbled is unique, and will vary from the picture shown, you can expect to receive a similar piece of Tumbled as photographed. Different prices for Styles with similar dimensions are due to differences in Crystal Grades -- Higher Grade Crystals have brighter coloration or patterns and are more expensive to obtain.

Orders are hand-packed when we receive them, but occasionally aren't sent off until the following business day. Since each Crystal product is uniquely one-of-a-kind, we try to provide the most complete set of photos possible for each product. Given that Crystals are Natural and come from the Earth, they each possess their own unique striations and patterns which set them apart. Please keep this in mind when purchasing your Crystal, for we do not accept returns based on cosmetic features alone. 

We take excellent care during the order packing process and pride ourselves on ensuring your Crystal piece gets to you safely. Often times, this means requiring shipping insurance on all high-price orders. Thank you, and have a blessed day.


-- The Crystal Magic Family