Brown Agate Bracelet

Bead Size: 4mm
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Beaded Crystal Bracelets are perfect ways to carry your stones around with you everywhere you go. Each bead is held together on an elastic string, making it fit perfectly for most adult wrist sizes. 

Agate Crystals are a class of Chalcedony, with wide-ranging coloration, markings, and associated metaphysical properties. All Agate Crystals specialize in balancing the yin-yang forces, as well as providing balancing energies for the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. When meditated with, Agate can stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, providing enhanced perceptiveness to all situations through awakening one's inherent talents. On top of these qualities, specific types of Agate possess further metaphysical properties.


  • Self-confidence
  • Aids in concentration
  • Soothes anger
  • Fertility

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