Copper Plated Ball Pendulum

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A perfectly balanced Copper Plated Sword pendulum. The pendulum itself is Copper Plated White Bronze while the chain is Copper Plated Steel.

Product Dimensions

Pendulum Length 1.5"
Chain Length 1.75"

About Copper

Copper minerals are often used for the healing and antimicrobial properties, particularly in clothing, jewelry, and even water sanitation. The bright, reflective and instantly recognizable coloration of Copper minerals stimulate initiative, balances emotions, and provides a strong sense of self. The traditional role of Copper as a coin of currency infuses all mineral forms of Copper with diplomatic energy and the confidence to initiative discussions about pay, wages, or fair compensation. Keeping skin contact with Copper also balances the element composition of the blood.

About Crystal Pendulums

Crystal pendulums are curious, yet powerful little tools useful for many things, including locating and clearing energy blockages and even for divining the obscure. Attuning a pendulum to your spiritual and emotional energy will unlock its full potential for locating energy blockages.

Keeping the pendulum close to you throughout the day, perhaps as a necklace, or meditating with it are two of the most common ways to get your pendulum attuned. Once attuned, simply move the pendulum slowly around your body, giving the pendulum time to recognize possible energy blockages wherever they may be. Taking full, deep breaths, hold the pendulum still over the body part and recognize the movement the pendulum takes: a slow circular path means that there is no energy blockage.

Another common use for pendulums is to divine information from your innermost mind or from the world around you. This practice can combine the use of a crystal grid, though a simple yes/no answer can always be found with a pendulum. Once your pendulum is cleansed and attuned to you, you can focus on your question and watch the movement of the pendulum for guidance. Learning how the pendulum moves to your questions will take time, but will eventually lead to a powerful tool for conversing with your most authentic inner self.

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Quality

Very impressed with the quality! My product was packed wonderfully and came quickly. I will be recommending this online ’gem’!

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