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Introducing the newest addition to our store: Crystal Bundles! These Bundles include hand-picked arrangements of Polished Crystals that all focus on a matching theme. These bundles are perfect for beginner Crystal lovers looking to experience the energetic healing of Crystals.

Bundle Type

Here we are featuring the Romance Bundle. Each stone in this Bundle fits together to empower the romantic energy in your life. Loving energy seeps into all aspects of life, and the subtle, gentle nudging from these Stones will empower and remind you to be a little warmer and more open in your everyday interactions. Romantic energy is strong in stones like Rose Aura Quartz, Kunzite, and Pink Agate, which all coalesce together to keep your heart open and accepting of Romantic energy. The first step towards building that next partnership begins within, and this Bundle will make that transformation much easier.

Bundle Contents

Bundle 1 contains One exceptional piece of the following Stones:
Peach Selenite, Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Pink Agate, and Rose Aura Quartz Heart.

Bundle 2 contains everything inside Bundle 1, with the addition of a larger, 2" Rose Aura Heart and a stand.

Bundle 3 contains everything inside Bundle 2, with the addition of a beautiful Selenite Heart Bowl to keep the stones energetically clear and empowered.

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Erica B.
My Crystals

Omg ... i loved all my crystals . I am a newbie . I could feel the energy right away . I will be purchasing more and I need some tarot cards . This just recently started calling me in . Thank you

Shaelyn H.

I really loved the bundle of these crystals. They were really beautiful and stunning !

Beautiful Crystals!

The Valentine’s romance bundle of crystalsand selenite heart are gorgeous. The customer service was excellent when I had a question. They made online shopping a dream!

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