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Unakite Pyramids

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Unakite Crystals are often conglomerates of Fedlspar, Epidot, and Quartz, making them uniquely powerful sources of energy which specialize in empowering a consciousness held in the present. This effect is particularly useful to combat aloofness, or the sensation that life is passing by rapidly and uncontrollably. By facilitating present consciousness, typically idle-minded activities such as eating, traveling, or conversing become re-stimulated and active endeavors. When meditated with, Unakite stones can interpret physical sensations of discomfort or injury into clear mental messages, enhancing the activities of self-diagnosis and maintenance of body harmony.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Third eye chakra
  • Grounding
  • Past life healing
  • Balances emotions

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Crystal Pyramids represent the most powerful and magnificent man-made structures in history, and date back to the Ancient Egyptians who used them to enhance spiritual ascension. The angled sides of the Pyramid symbolized the Rays of the Sun, which facilitated the transfer of the bodily spirit from the material world into the Afterlife. Crystal Pyramids make powerful energy generators, which utilize their strong shape to store charged energy until released. Crystal. Pyramids make excellent decor and ritual aids, especially if placed in spaces near sources of pure incoming energy. 

All Crystals provide healing energy throughout the spaces they are kept. Ensure to routinely cleanse and reenergize your Crystals to ensure their healing energy never fades!

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