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Sugilite Crystals are characteristically deep purple, with black banding or speckles which add unique dimensionality to each piece. Known as a powerful Stone of love, Sugilite represents the ideal state of spiritual love, and actively facilitates the manifestation of true love energy on Earth. This energy flows from the Crown to the Base Chakra, facilitating travel of the Kundalini while cleansing Chakras along the way. Meditation with Sugilite deepens ones understanding of the connection between physical and mental wellbeing, and is stark in its ability to pronounce parts of ones physical or mental state which are out of balance. Keeping a Sugilite Crystal nearby energizes the Heart Chakra, stimulating a resonant love which can be felt by everyone nearby.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Protection
  • Optimism
  • Forgiveness
  • Heals emotional greif & depression

Approximate Product Dimensions

Width 1"

Note: price is for one item.

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Really excellent experience in every way!

I searched online for affordable sugilite for hours, looking for a piece that wasn't - literally - the size of my little fingernail. I had no luck at all until I found Crystal Magic. I ordered 2 pieces, both of which are larger than the promised 1 inch, authentic, and beautiful. Shipping was fast, and I was delighted to get a free crystal with my order! My one regret is that I don't live close enough to visit this shop in person, because it looks awesome -- and I love their philosophy and their huge selection, which is reasonably priced. Guess I'll have to content myself with buying online from my new favorite source for crystals! Blessings and thanks, Crystal Magic! :D

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