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Sodalite Bowls - Crystal Magic online
Sodalite Bowls - Crystal Magic online

Sodalite Bowls

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Sodalite Crystal Bowls are perfect for cleansing your jewelry or other smaller crystals. Often used in Ritualistic settings for cleansing tools or small adornments, Crystal Bowls are great additions to any altar or personal space. Comes in two sizes, Medium and Small. Price is for one dish.

Dimension (Small): 2"L, 2"W, 0.5"Deep

Dimension (Medium): 3"L, 3"W, 1"Deep

Sodalite Crystals are recognizable by their expansive blue coloration spanning many different shades, with brilliant streaks of clear white throughout pieces. This Crystal is a helpful aid for problem solving due to its ability to promote logical thinking. Focusing with Sodalite before tackling intellectual problems will protect against confusion and mental fog, often providing a clear pathway to the solution. Sodalite energizes spaces with this aura, providing a similar benefit to groups. When used in a meditative setting, Sodalite facilitates the manifestation of companionship through increased visualization of character evolutions needed to find a proper fit. Also during meditation, Sodalite enhances truthfulness in emotions, encourages self-esteem and self-trust.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Deepens Mediation
  • Idealism
  • Emotional balance
  • Clears EMF
  • Self Trust

Note: due to the natural materials inherent in this item, each unique piece will have variations in shape and color. Though similar, the item that you receive will vary from the photos shown. We guarantee the quality and beauty of all our Crystal products, and will gladly provide additional photos of each product, and will try to honor particular instructions left in the Comments section of your order. We do not accept returns on Crystals for cosmetic features alone.

Note: price is for one item.