Rose Quartz Sphere With Mermaid Pendulum - Crystal Magic online
Rose Quartz Sphere With Mermaid Pendulum - Crystal Magic online

Rose Quartz Sphere With Mermaid Pendulum

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Crystal Pendulums have long since been used to enhance communication with the subconscious during meditation rituals. Incorporate a Crystal Pendulum into your meditation routine by clearing your mind and allowing your Pendulum to freely hang in front of you, and begin learning how to interpret its movements as guidance from your subconscious. Continued practice with your Pendulum will enhance the communicative link with your subconscious. Choose the best Crystal for your spiritual needs to infuse any meditative ritual with genuine Metaphysical energies.

This Rose Quartz Pendulum is made locally here in Sedona, Arizona, and contains Sterling silver charms with genuine Rose Quartz, and Aura Quartz Crystal. This product is 7.5" long from chain tip to stone tip.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Pure love
  • Creates stronger bonds in relationships
  • Protects Aura
  • Cuts cords

Quartz Crystals are known as Master Healers, responding to the energy and pressure provided throughout their lifetimes I order to cleanse and transmute negative energy into positive, healing energy. This allows Quartz to assume a wide range of color and patterned varieties, each with their own unique metaphysical healing properties yet all sharing a base range of characteristics. Quartz Crystals provide a steady balancing energy aura throughout the spaces they are kept, which can easily be attuned to specific guided purposes after ritual or meditation. These Crystals are said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul: harmonizing and aligning human energies (thoughts, emotions) with the energies of the universe. Therefore, Quartz Crystals make powerful talismans linking the physical dimensions with the dimensions of the mind.

Note: the product you are purchasing is one of a kind, meaning the product in the photos is the exact product you will receive. Please email us if you would like additional photos or information for this product and please understand that we do not accept returns on Crystals for cosmetic features alone.