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Ground Himalayan Salt - Crystal Magic online

Ground Himalayan Salt

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Ground Himalayan Salt packs are made of Pure Pink Salt Crystal from the Himalayan Mountain Range and is perfect for the bath, shower, or massages to release negative ions and enhanced body detoxification. Himalayan Salt is known for strong antioxidant and healing energy which diffuse over time, making this piece perfect for any ritual space.

About Himalayan Salt Crystals

Himalayan Salt, also known as Pink Halite, is a form of edible Crystal with numerous health benefits. The natural pink coloration of Himalayan Salt Crystals carries similar love-spreading energies as Rose Quartz, useful in generating more self-love and acceptance as well as for others. Generally, Salts have ancient renown for being purifiers and protectors, both for food consumption and other-worldly means, and Himalayan Salt is no exception to this. Himalayan Salt has a strong core connection to the Earth, which it diffuses outward in a centering and grounding energy.