Brecciated Jasper Crystal Wand

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Brecciated Jasper - Like all Jaspers, this variety is a wonderful grounding stone. It helps calm individuals when faced with overwhelming situations and encourages clarity and concentration. The term “brecciated” comes from the word “breccia”, a term used to describe when various broken fragments of rocks fuse together to form a matrix. This is symbolic of Brecciated Jasper’s ability to reform scattered emotions and energies into ones that we can harness and understand. It is mentally uplifting and said to help ease depression and encourage joy is all parts of life. 

Metaphysical Properties

  • Grounding
  • Prevents nightmares
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity


Product Dimensions

Weight 0.25lbs
Width 1"
Length 4"

Note: price is for one item.

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