Ancient Memory Oils - Crystal Magic online
Ancient Memory Oils - Crystal Magic online
Ancient Memory Oils - Crystal Magic online
Ancient Memory Oils - Crystal Magic online
Ancient Memory Oils - Crystal Magic online

Ancient Memory Oils

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Ancient Memory Oils are made in the USA- Each oil contains either herbs or crystals, these oils are perfect for everyday use or ritual work. Price is for one 0.5 oz bottle. Find the perfect blend for you!

Ascension Light- To help reach your highest potential

Attraction- Attract romantic love & friendship

Aura Cleanse- to cleanse the aura

Beauty- to bring out your inner beauty     

Business Success-  for greater success in career and business

Compassion- open your heart to receive more love

Diet- Achieve healthy diet goals

Dragon- Balance energy centers

Goddess Within- to bring fourth ones, inner goddess

Good Karma- be the best you can be! see the highest good in all!

Good Fortune- to remove obstacles from your journey

Guardian Angel- calls guardian angels; Guidance, protection, and comfort

Happiness- Brings joy and happiness

Heart Chakra- Emotional balance

Healing Heart- Forgive feeling of hurt from the past

Healing- Spiritual and physical healing

Life Balance- balance home and career life

Love- Draws love & friendship

Magic- Use nature's power & charming energy

Money Draw- brings needed money

Moon Goddess- female energy, the lunar influence

Perfect job- For new work and job opportunities

Peaceful Home- to create a relaxing and serene environment

Phoenix Rising- Rising above hardship, new wealth, long life

Psychic protection- Ward off jealousy and negativity

Positive Energy- Positive attitude and release negative energy

Prosperity- brings all aspects of good

Protection- protect yourself, home and all surroundings

Purification- Cleanse, uplift and let go of burdens

Releasing- to help release all burdens of the past

Sleep- deep restorative sleep

Soul Mate- Attract a partner who appreciates you

Spirit Guide- opens the third eye chakra

Success- Both personal And business

Tantra- Raise sexual energy

The Way- Achieve a smooth and easy path toward life goals

Vitality- Boost energy & passion for life

Winds of Change- ease yourself through life's changes

Earth- Growth, nature, sustenance, birth, maternal gain

Air- abstract learning, knowledge, mental intuition, psychic

Fire- Spirit, blood, perseverance, healing, flame, destruction

Water- Courage, emotions, love, intuition