Bumblebee Jasper (Free Form) - Crystal Magic online
Bumblebee Jasper (Free Form) - Crystal Magic online
Bumblebee Jasper (Free Form) - Crystal Magic online
Bumblebee Jasper (Free Form) - Crystal Magic online

Bumblebee Jasper (Free Form)

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Bumblebee Jasper - New growth and opportunities are associated with this yellow variety of Jasper. Connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, it helps activate your true potential and desires while enabling you to accept that which you cannot control. It is said that Bumblebee Jasper can aid in abdominal pain, allergies, and circulatory health. It’s name is derived from its notable yellow coloration that is the result of inclusions of sulfur in the stone. Due to this one should always wash their hands after handling Bumblebee Jasper.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Inspiration
  • Manifestaion
  • New beginnings
  • Courage


Product Dimensions

Weight 2lbs
Width 3"
Height 1"

Note: the product you are purchasing is one of a kind, meaning the product in the photos is the exact product you will receive. Please email us if you would like additional photos or information for this product.

Crystal Free Forms are polished, irregularly shaped carvings that are designed to show off the natural beauty of the host Crystal. These pieces make excellent functional decor pieces, amplifying the inherent metaphysical and healing energies of the host Crystal while displaying the magnificent natural beauty of the Crystal itself. 

All Crystals provide healing energy throughout the spaces they are kept. Ensure to routinely cleanse and reenergize your Crystals to ensure their healing energy never fades!

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