Spellbinding Herbal Smudge

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Spellbinding herbal smudge blend is crafted with the finest herbs.

Wild Woods: This blend is made with myrrh resin for healing and spirituality. Eucalyptus for protection and bay leaf for strength and purification.

This blend is made with skullcap for relieving anxiety. Mullein to center the spirit and mugwort for visions and protection. Ginger for personal confidence and success. Irish moss for luck and protection. Lemon balm for steady cheer and Sassfras for health, money and overcoming addictions.

Enchantment: This blend is made with white sage for cleansing. Rose for peace & divine love. Mugwort & angelica root for protection. Lavender for finding love & inner peace.

This blend is made with sage for cleansing and white sage for wisdom and protection.

Sweet Dreams: This blend is made with sage for cleansing. Lavender for peace, healing and love. Skullcap to relieve anxiety. Peppermint promotes peaceful sleep and visionary dreams and mugwort to help with visions and dreams.

 Healing: This blend is made with rosemary for protection, purification, healing and good health. Juniper berry that banishes all things injurious to good health and attracts healthy energies.

This blend is made with white sage for cleansing. Lavender for peace of mind, inner peace and relieving stress. Chamomile for love, healing and reduces stress.

Flowers & Sage: This blend is made of white sage for cleansing. Lavender for peace, healing and love. Rose for love, peace and beauty.


Light Sage and gently blow out flame, best used with charcoal. Use the white smoke to purify your areas. Always use a heat safe dish, cauldron or incense burner. Can be used in burning, dressing candles, used in spell work or to create aroma in room.

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